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I <3 Boobies Bracelets Banned from SD2 schools

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. To show support for the movement, many West High students have been wearing the “I Love Boobies” Keep-a-Breast Foundation bracelets (pictured above).  Recently, the superintendent of Billings Public Schools declared that the bracelets were banned and against school dress code. The bracelets were apparently banned after an incident at Will James Middle School, where a group of boys were “distracted” by the bracelets and giggling because they said “boobies”.

Seriously? A couple of middle school boys laughing at the word “boobies” is enough to make the school district ban these advocacy bracelets throughout the entire district?

In an attempt to be reasonable, I could understand why the school district may not allow students to wear “I Love Boobies” t-shirts. T-shirts are a bit more flashy and in-your-face then a wristband, which usually blends in with the other Livestrong-style bands. But a bracelet? You may be able to scare some students in to not wearing these bracelets, but you cannot stop middle school students from giggling at the word “boobies”. This is an issue of maturity, not of decency.

To read the original article from the Billings Gazette about this issue, click here.