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I apologize to anyone reading this of my absence in this blog. While life has been very busy and cluttered with activities, there were not a ton of new things to report about. However, now a few things have developed.

First and foremost, I am going to attend the University of Puget Sound this fall.

I received my acceptance Tuesday, and will send my confirmation Monday. While I am very excited, and know in my heart of hearts that this college is the one, I can’t help but be skeptical. My skepticism is in one aspect, and one aspect only. That being, cost. Puget Sound, while wonderful, is a wee bit pricey. In the college savings that I presently have, I will be able to be pay for the next two years. However, after that, I’m not quite so sure.

That being stated, I know that if I don’t go to my favorite college, Puget Sound, I won’t feel all together right. I know that if I don’t get out of Montana, I may never leave. So for the next two years, I have a guaranteed change. We’ll see how it goes from there.

Already my mind is at ease with my decision in general, though. I can visualize things so clearly, that helps me know I made the right choice.

Second, as of this coming Monday, I will begin tech week for POV Teen 2011, which opens Friday. Oofta! This has been a long stretch of writing and rehearsals, but it has been so worth it. I’m excited to carry on with it all the more, and bring POV to life before an audience. I love that I have that sort of opportunity.

Now, for the shameless plug. If any of you have not purchased your tickets for POV, or have no idea when it is, do I have some information for you! If you go to this link:


After you do so, you will discover the number to call to purchase/reserve tickets, and also the individual facebook events per night. So if you want to make sure we know you’re going, respond! The more people the merrier. You won’t regret it, I promise.

Shameless plug: complete.

So really the two main things in my life right now are school and POV Teen. High school hasn’t changed for me really, however the promise of college makes it all the sweeter. Aside from that, I’ve been on a pretty repetitive day to day schedule, which has been significantly busy.

For now, this is all I have to cloud your minds with.  Farewell dear twentyeleven-ers, I will back to blog next week, or sooner, to repent for my lack of blogging.

Love always,



POV Teen and Winter Weeks.

The beginning of my week has revolved around the first rehearsal of POV Teen. After finals, and a rousing weekend it was ever so lovely to start off my Monday with a table session of sharing scenes with my fellow artists.

The project POV Teen is something that gives highschoolers an opportunity to write, direct, cast, and act in a collaboration of scenes that create POV Teen.  I am in love with this project. I love working with my peers and writing with them. I love being the characters I am given, and finding the places to go with them.

Not only is this collaboration a lovely artistic project, but when I did it last year, I grew so much. I loved so much more and I was opened immensely. It is a beautiful, real, organic, and mystical process that cannot be matched.

In other news, I am so thankful finals is over. I was not concerned about any of my classes except for Physics, and that ended up working out OK. I’m pleased with how the week ended up, despite the initial stress.

College admissions letters are looming. Presently I have received acceptance from:

  • Western Washington University
  • University of Portland
  • University of Montana
  • Montana State University-Bozeman

I’m waiting to hear back from

  • Whitworth University
  • University of Puget Sound
  • Pacific Lutheran University
  • Seattle University
  • Lewis and Clark College
  • University of British Columbia

So I am a bit on edge about things. But things will turn out how they turn out. Either way, next year I will be going to college, going away from Billings, and enjoying life. That is so exciting to me.

Aside from that, life is pretty ok. I am finishing up my speech season (I am presently blogging from a hotel in Glendive) and am enjoying school and POV. Life is treating me kindly in most aspects.

So for now 2011, there’s not a lot of conflict in this new semester, just a lot of love, whether it be recognized or not. However, I must depart.

With all the love in the world,

Molly Brown

A Christmas Eve Introduction.

Greetings all!

So Will has so graciously allowed me to join this blog, therefore, I found it appropriate to begin with a post about myself.

My name is Molly Brown. I am a senior at Billings Central. I may not stand by the typical cliche that comes to mind when you think of that school, however. I’m no athlete, and in fact, I avoid sports for fear of embarrassing myself. I have been involved in theatre since the fourth grade and am presently a part of POV Teen 2011 (which you all should check out on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_165734070124336&ap=1). Along with that, I’m rather a bookworm, and can be found lurking in A Few Books More downtown. I drink coffee like my life depends on it, and will often be found in various City Brews across town.

My occupation is not your run of the mill job. I am a tour guide at the Moss Mansion. Which has its own quirks, which I’m sure I’ll detail about in the future. Aside from that job, my only job is to enjoy my friends and family when I’m not working on the weekends.

Now, for some actual blogging content. Today is Christmas eve, which is either a big deal for your family, or it simply isn’t. My family falls into the first category listed. To further affirm this statement, let me rattle off my Christmas schedule:

December 23-24:

Spend time at the cabin in Red Lodge watching: The Snowman and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

December 24:

4pm- Get ready for Christmas Eve mass, casual is not an option.

4:30 pm- Arrive at Christmas Eve mass a half an hour early, to guarantee good seats.

6:30 pm- Go to Roy and Kim’s (yes, as in Roy Brown who recently lost the election for senator) for lobster and Alfredo

9:00 pm- My brother or I complain about being tired or ill, and my mother reminds the rest of the family at the event we have to wake up early tomorrow, thus we depart for home.

9:10 pm-11:00pm- Begin to open family presents while listening to Christmas themed jazz.

December 25th:

Round up the troops very early in the morning to visit my relatives in Basin, Wyoming. Oh yes, it exists. In Basin we brunch, open gifts, and depart. Then for the rest of the day we watch It’s a Wonderful Life and pretend we won’t ever fight again.

December 26th (no siree are we stopping the Christmas cheer yet):

Have father’s side of the family over for brunch, which turns into them leaving at four in the afternoon.

Once all the mandated festivities are over, we don’t take down the Christmas decorations until after Epiphany.

So now that you’ve read (or skimmed) over that Christmas agenda, welcome to the Brown family. You have just mentally endured my schedule for the next few days. No complaints here. I’m all about the celebrating.

So in generally, I love my family, love my friends (like Mr. Elitist Spencer Sheehan), and love my life.

The only difference in this Christmas, is that it is tainted with the anticipation of college acceptance letters. Gadzooks. More to come on that later.

So cheers to you all. I’ll be posting within the next week. A Merry December 24th to you all!


Molly Brown

The College Perspective: Who Are You Again?

Blame my absence on college…and my lack of internet. I’m going to.

( : Kayla

The College Perspective: Living In An Apartment With No Internet and Parking Stuctures as Far as the Eye Can See

I’ve been out of touch for a while, but not having any solid internet can have that affect when it comes to the virtual world.

I’ve been living in my apartment for four or so days now. The apartment itself is really nice and I’m incredibly happy with how it turned out. The view could be better though.

Today is my first day of classes. I had a few errands to run in the morning so I left a few hours early thinking there would be endlessly long lines for everything I needed to do. Of course, when you plan ahead for them they’re never there, and I was done with everything–getting my final books, renewing my parking permit (for a car I am no longer using), and getting my computer onto the secure wireless network–in a little over 45 minutes.

I have two hours before my first class starts, and my last one ends at 8:15pm. Oh the life of a college noob.

( : Kayla

Ho Down: Your Guide to the Sex Industry!


When the skank gets KOed!

Hi!!  You can call me Roy Killington, and this is my Ho Down!  If you’re here, I don’t need to beat around the bush!  You wanna know every dirty, nasty little secret, tip, and tidbit you can get your grubby little hands on so that you can get the best bang for your buck with the “ladies of ill repute.”  By the end of this adventure, you’ll know what a Peek-a-boo Petey is, the best place to get one, and who will actually have the stomach (and gag reflex!) to actually accomplish this astonishing feat!  So let’s get sta –

Wait…  This isn’t where I want to be typing this…

Hi.  My name is Joshua, but y’all can call me Roy (Killington).  That’s what I looked like Senior Year of highschool, though you’ll more often than not see me as PAANDA MARINE when I post .  Bcause PANDA MARINE is quite simply awesome.  Starting on the 8th of September, I am going to be a freshmen at MSU-B planning on majoring in Human Performance (which sounds both fancy and like complete bullshit (feel free to snicker or stare at the monitor confusedly – you won’t be the first)).  I plan on living at home so that I can get out of school debt free (which seems possible) to make grad school that much easier (it won’t).  While schooling, I plan on working at Billings Hardware about 30 hours a week.  If you’d like to know, my boss TJ offered me a promotion so that I can become a section manager, so I’m moving up.  Unless things change, I want to go to grad school to get my Doctor of Physical Therapy at University of Montana in Missoula.  Then, after that, do whatever I want with my schooling and all the cash I will hopefully be raking in later.  See Europe, in live in England, go beat up hippies back east (don’t worry, hippies aren’t real people).

From this blog, I hope to try and do just a few things.  One – teach you to never trust anything I say (or should you?).  Two – tell you a bit about college schooling while working so that you seniors can either quake in your boots or beg for the end to come soon (interpret that as you will).  Tres – share some funny anecdotes and facts I find about my life and stuff (for example, I head there’s a new sex help book out there I think called Your Sex and Junk which is a HILARIOUS TITLE).  And Ee – get the hot chicks cuz they’ll think that I’m sophisticated from my blog (unless they read it, but really, what hot chicks read?  I mean, come on).  And that’s it, ya.  Pleased ta meet ya.

Also, my favorite thing about Thursday the 26th – sleeping in.   HA!

The College Perspective: The Terrifying Employee Handbook of Doom.

I’m in the final stages of the hiring process to become a lifeguard at the university recreation center. Before my first training session, my boss gave me a handbook to read in order to become familiarized with the workings of the center. I had no idea this book would end up attempting to prepare me for the end of the world.

I was honestly surprised, as I closed the back cover of the handbook, that there was nothing inside of it telling me what to do in the event that zombies attacked. You think I’m joking, but it contained everything else.

I won’t share with you all of the potential dangers the handbook addresses, but the list included such things as: radioactive material spills, discovery of a potential bomb, earthquakes (mind you, earthquakes are incredibly rare in Michigan), and numerous other threats.

I have never been so terrified to watch a pool.

My personal favorite danger the handbook referred to? The section is honestly called: What To Do If You Are Taken Hostage.

I have never worried before about being taken hostage while lifeguarding, I do now.

( : Kayla

The College Perspective: Back to the Bottom of the Totem Pole

The top of the high school totem pole looked so very nice, but here I am back at the bottom of a new one.

Hello. Hi. Hey. I’m Kayla.

^ That’s me ^

In two weeks I start my first year of college. In one week I move into my first apartment. It has two bedrooms; there’s only one person currently planning on living in it, which is a problem.

I’m using the ’11 Project as a means to share my experiences as a freshman in college. Although it has yet to officially begin, I’ve already experienced a slew of new, usually terrifying experiences that just beg to be shared.

I will furthermore be providing: The College Perspective.

( : Kayla