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The College Perspective: Living In An Apartment With No Internet and Parking Stuctures as Far as the Eye Can See

I’ve been out of touch for a while, but not having any solid internet can have that affect when it comes to the virtual world.

I’ve been living in my apartment for four or so days now. The apartment itself is really nice and I’m incredibly happy with how it turned out. The view could be better though.

Today is my first day of classes. I had a few errands to run in the morning so I left a few hours early thinking there would be endlessly long lines for everything I needed to do. Of course, when you plan ahead for them they’re never there, and I was done with everything–getting my final books, renewing my parking permit (for a car I am no longer using), and getting my computer onto the secure wireless network–in a little over 45 minutes.

I have two hours before my first class starts, and my last one ends at 8:15pm. Oh the life of a college noob.

( : Kayla

The Senior’s Perspective: Week One

Will's Dino Escapade

Riding dinos like a boss.

Hey. I’m Will Opie, and I’m a Senior at Billings West High School. Here’s a few details about me:

  • I’m sixteen-years old. (I turn seventeen in a few weeks.)
  • I like to run, but I’m currently out of shape. I plan to run during the Fall and Winter to get in shape for Track.
  • I like tech stuff. Computers, phones, gadgets, video games, etc… it’s all good. I’m attempting to learn HTML, CSS, and XHTML so I can spruce up the blog and organize posts in a less chaotic way.
  • I love photography. I don’t have a legit DSLR yet, but I use a Kodak Z8612IS, which is basically an advanced point-and-shoot with manual features. I’m saving up for a Canon EOS Rebel.
  • I love to read. I also love to write.
  • I love music. I listen to mostly alternative music, but I also listen to hip-hop/rap, indie, rock, and other genres of music. As long as it isn’t classical or country, I’ll probably enjoy it. I also play guitar.
  • I work in retail at a nationwide department store. In that store, I work in the apparel section. It sucks. Enough said.
  • Currently, I plan to go to college in Missoula and major in Journalism or another English major. I’m considering a dual-major in Chemistry or another field of science as well.

So those are a few basic details about me. Let’s move on to this week…

Day One

1st period: AP ENGLISH

I’m not sure how I will like having AP English as my first class in the morning, but it can’t be much worse than having math first period (like last year). My teacher seems reasonably pleasant in comparison to some of my previous Honors English teachers (Goodman will still go down in history as the best English teacher ever for incorporating Monty Python and the Holy Grail into our curriculum), and I think this year will be enjoyable– assuming I don’t procrastinate the hell out of every assignment.

2nd Period: Human Anatomy

I’m really excited for this class. My teacher is awesome. I’m also excited to learn more about the body so that I can understand some of the medical-lingo that the rest of my family is already fluent in (My mom is an RN, my dad recently completed his EMT-certification for the emergency medical response crew at the refinery, and my sister is majoring in nursing at MSU-B).

3rd Period: AP Statistics

AP Stats looks like it might be a somewhat enjoyable math class in comparison to the previous courses I’ve had. It’s going to be difficult, but it probably won’t involve complex Algebra and trigonometry problems that drive me insane. My teacher for this class seems to be a very nice individual. I think I’m going to enjoy his class.

4th Period: Environmental Science

No, I did not magically become a hippie over the Summer vacation. I’m taking Environmental Science because I initially applied for Biology II and it was a course the school dropped due to low-enrollment (at least I think it was). This class seems really interesting though, and it sounds like we’ll be going on several field trips. I don’t really know a lot of people in the class though, so I did the “cool-kid-sitting-by-himself-near-the-front-of-the-class” routine today. (I think the messenger bag scared people away…) We also have new books for this class! Huzzah.

Lunch: SECOND LUNCH BITCHES! WOO! Jon, Anne, Megan, and I walked to lunch at Mickey D’s. We seen a crash on the way to the Golden Arches (the drivers of the cars involved will remain anonymous for two reasons: 1. I don’t know the other guys name, and 2. If I was in a wreck, I wouldn’t want someone announcing to the world “WILL OPIE TOTALLY EIGHTY-SIXED ANOTHER CAR!”).

5th Period: Genocide

This class is going to cover the major genocides and atrocities that have taken place throughout the world. I decided to take this class because I’ve heard that it is an amazing class to take and that it really expands your view of the world. I also had the instructor for this class in a previous course and I enjoyed his teaching-style. We’re going to be reading a book every six-weeks. I’m excited for this class, too.

Period 6: Kodiak

What a letdown. I expected the school newspaper to be a more organized operation then the chaotic mess I witnessed on Thursday. The instructor talked more about Marvel comics, movies, and her adventures at the Fair this Summer then the actual course. The class is also full of underclassmen (a few had neon highlights in their hair that would make you want to vomit) who seemed to be totally in tune with the chaotic, random, and totally off-topic environment. The entire time I was in the class I was thinking that it was a huge waste of time, and how it was making a complete joke of the importance of Journalism. I realize that it was the first day, and I never truly seen the class create an issue of the Kodiak, but I could already tell that the class was going to be a clusterfuck that would ultimately drive me to insanity. So shortly after the bell rang, I ran down to my counselor’s office and applied for Early Out. I no longer have a sixth period class, and I get out of West at 1:55 P.M. Hell yeah. Being a Senior kicks ass.

“Being a Senior kicks ass.”

Day Two:

I’m still diggin’ all of my classes and I’m excited for the year ahead. All of my teachers are awesome, and the current homework level is easy. Yes, it is only the second day, but I already have homework in four classes and I’m finding it quite manageable. Did I mention how awesome it is to get out early? I didn’t? Well it’s freaking awesome.

THE ASSEMBLY: The main event of today was the school assembly after third period. Every year, on the first Friday of the school year, the entire student body gathers in the gym for a pep-rally. And every year, the Senior class deafens the underclassmen with their boos and cheers. This year was no exception.

However, when the Freshmen begin to cheer for their class, half of the Seniors ran over to the Freshmen side of the gym and gave them love letters and paper hearts. Aside from scaring the Frosh to death when they seen 200 or so Seniors run toward them, the entire act was stupid. I’ll give it two points for “abstract creativity” and maybe another point for originality, but no more. It was pointless. There was nothing funny about it, aside from the giant sign that said, “We love Freshmen” on the side facing the faculty, and “We hate Freshmen!” on the side facing the Seniors. Let’s hope that the class of 2011 can redeem itself with a bitchin’ Senior prank.

After school, I went home, lazed around for a few hours, and then left for work. Retail sucks, kids. Remember that.

It’s 12: 15 A.M. on Saturday morning, and I’ve got a lovely 8 AM- 3 PM shift to work later today, so I’m going to hit the sack. I hope you enjoy the twentyeleven project, and leave us some feedback on how we’re doing! You’re the audience, and your feedback will help to shape our content into stuff you like.

Signing off, this is Will Opie. You stay classy, World Wide Web.

“Definitely Zombies…”

hi. i’m kelci. the title literally has nothing to do with the rest of this post, but it’s one of the first things i heard on my first day as a junior, which means i would be the one posting for the junior class. some things about myself:

  • i love music more than life itself.
  • i work at a movie theater.
  • i’m an incredibly random, kind, and funny person.
  • i will never be that confident again, probably.
  • i (used to) run cross country, until i quit about two days ago, for lack of a social situation.

i guess you can get to know me more as i post. i’m not sure how often that will be yet, since i’m just getting used to the whole divorce split custody situation.  how’s about a look at my first day of junior year, eh?

First Period: chemistry. good thing my teacher is one of the coaches of the cross country team i just quit, huh? not. it’s still fun though. lots of friends. we were told two things by him right away. first, that we are essentially nothing due to the fact that matter is only waves which aren’t matter at all but space, constantly travelling. second, that we will probably hate chemistry. looking forward to that one.

Second Period: spanish 2. oh joy, i’m one of two juniors in that entire class. plus, the teacher is the reason i dropped spanish last year. we’ll see how it goes.

Third Period: Single Survival. cooking. (sidenote– many of you have probably noticed how little i use proper capitalization. it’s called voice. also, get used to it.) we’re cooking all sorts of goodies, learning to iron a shirt, and sew a button. i don’t know anyone in my class. we’ll see.

Fourth Period: algebra 2. because i’m stupid and had to retake algebra my freshman year. i’m not stupid. it was a personal choice. i love that class. it should be oodles of fun. even though i must have been on some kind of rotten substance to have taken both algebra 2 AND chemistry as electives. hahahahaha.

second lunch!!! just like the big kids!! wait… i AM A BIG KID! 😀

fifth and sixth: american literature/ us history block class. this could be both wonderful and terrible. the teacher i have this year is very similarly different from my english teacher last year. the ways it could be terribly are far outnumbered by the ways it could rock. i’m in the same room with the same 30 people for two hours. today, right as the bell rang, “Dr. Wendt” points to a girl in the middle of the room and asks if she’s exceptional. she answers, and i quote, “as an american, yes. we have lots more freedom than anyone else.” doc w then says, “freedoms, yes. what kind?” “well, there’s freedom of speech…” “shut up.” he moves on to ask the next person if they’re exceptional. they brought up freedom of religion. he counters with the fact that principals have to tiptoe around christmastime because they can get in trouble for favoring say, christmas over kwanzaa. with one question, he provoked a two hour debate over freedom of speech. this guy is incredible. it seems like he really gets people in general. also, on the first day, he took us all to guelff-mart (school concession stand) and bought us all something to drink since it was 100 degrees outside and probably 105 inside.

random tidbits i thought of while typing…

  • i get my driver’s license very very soon.
  • if any of you have music you listen to that is very non-mainstream, please leave as many song titles in a comment as you would like. i love new music.
  • my favorite food is pizza, but i’m allergic to tomatoes.

well, that’s about all for now.

Love, Kelci