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You’re Not Normal, And That’s OK.

If I have learned anything from the various interactions I’ve had with other people, it’s that we all yearn to be “normal”. And by “normal”, I mean generally accepted by others. We all just want to fit in, especially during our adolescent years. Even as we approach adulthood, there’s still a desire to belong. To feel at home with our fellow peers.

But very few of us ever feel this level of acceptance. Perhaps, this is simply because such a level of acceptance is unattainable. Regardless of how we mere mortals observe our more popular peers, there are still other people that dislike them and they too have insecurities. We are all people, regardless of our social status, and we all have imperfections. Unfortunately, we are also the first to notice our own imperfections, and obsessing over these imperfections can drive one into a state of silent fear, in which he or she does not wish to converse with anyone for fear of utter humiliation.

Some people have managed to accept their insecurities and their imperfections and go on with life. Others have decided that they don’t really care what other people think, and that peer-acceptance is not essential for one to live a happy life. These individuals are incredibly strong mentally, and should be the most envied people of all.

We must learn to accept that we are not perfect. We must accept our imperfections as unique and a part of ourselves. We must learn to let go of our fears about what other people think; we must not let the approval and acceptance of others stand in our way of happiness. We must learn to be ourselves, and enjoy the freedoms of our individuality. And with this, we must learn to accept others as they are.

– Will

P.S. No matter how many times a person can write about this topic, and almost spew out the same things that others have said beforehand, the message will never be completely delivered. People are simply to afraid to be different. It takes courage to be unique, but being unique will pay off further in the long run.