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who are you again?

yeah… it’s been a while, i know. at the urging of the bossman, i have decided to explain why i haven’t been posting at all for a while.

Junior Term paper.

it’s hell. it’s not as bad as everybody makes it seem, but it is very time-comsuming. when i’m not researching my term paper(on depression), i’m giving friends a ride to wherever they wanna go, working(someone quit so i get more hours… yay?), shopping for a prom dress(i am going with bossman), or attempting to relax. what do i do for fun? drive around listening to my ipod, which is in desperate need of some new tunes. i saw brian regan with my family last weekend, and he said “an ipod is a wonderful device. it turns all the songs you love, into songs you never want to hear again.” which is generally true. i spend most of the time on my ipod pushing the next button. luckily, lady gaga’s new album comes out soon, and panic at the disco’s new album is coming out next month. yaaaaaaaaaaaay. both have released singles, and i gotta say i prefer P!atd’s “the ballad of mona lisa” to lady G’s “born this way”. i just have to point out one thing… if you are transgender, (nothing wrong with it) you weren’t born that way. that’s the whole point of being transgender. plot flaw in the new one there.

in other news… last payday, i made $149. it was almost completely gone that night. i went to walmart, cashed my check, got some things i’ve been wanting to try, (some new mascara, new soap for my bathroom, mt dew whiteout, 17 magazine, toothpaste, stride SPARK, and some grapes) you know. the good stuff. then i had to go to my dad’s house and babysit my little brother while he went to a meeting so i stopped by QDoba to get some quick dinner before then. i was in a hurry. this is already bad. i grabbed my wallet only out of my purse, left my keys on the seat, and proceded to realize i locked my keys purse AND cell phone in my car. awesome. so i figured i would just go in anyway and at least get something to eat while i figured out how to get my keys. i saw three people i kind of knew and didn’t want to talk to when i walked in, and just when i thought i’d have to ask one of them to use a phone, i saw my friend ashlee in the corner with her dad. she let me use her droid to get the number of the guy who always unlocks my car for me (for $40) and he did that and i went on my merry way. that’s half my paycheck spent. halfway home, *ding* my gas light comes on. sweet. spent another $30 on a half tank of gas. then i went home for about an hour and watched tv with my little brother, and then i picked up kalani from work. molly from her boyfriends, and ashlee from her house and we all went to noodle bowl express to just hang out. i spent another $13 dollars on food for my little brother and i. then i spent $20 dollars at hasting’s on a new lanyard, a coheed and cambria bracelet, and a car charger for my ipod. then i took everyone home and slept like a baby. not really. i suck at sleeping lately. so i spent $133 dollars before 24 hours had passed. i spent the rest the next day hanging out with joshua at grains of montana and paciugo. did you know they make violet flavored gelato? twas good.

i hope i get better about posting more. sorry this is way unorganized.

thanks for reading.

love, kelci


it’s only friday. i still have two more  days, but i already feel it. my friend molly got me a necklace, some nail polish and eyeliner, and a zebra wallet with a bow. i’ll post pictures after i get everything else. 🙂 today, i spent the 40 dollar check my gramma sent me early on a pretty random outfit, that i feel works for me. what i’m not okay with is my constant shifting attitude. every twenty minutes i want someone to pay attention, and then i get sick of the world and want to be very very alone. ideas?

love, kelci


I do not deserve this. the things that aren’t my fault:

  1. the three-way traffic into the school being a mile long when i got there, the same time i always do.
  2. my mom is a teacher, and therefore uses that to somehow enforce that she won’t call me in 5 minutes late to school.
  3. the parking ouside of the school is nuts. i have at least a 5-minute walk from the closest spot i could get. why won’t i buy a parking pass? I don’t know where the money is going. the wide-screen TVs that are strategically placed to block the busiest intersections, making me late, and landing me here? i think NOT. wouldn’t you wanna take care of the asbestos first? i suppose my priorities are a little more in check. and i’m not in charge. my bad.

the things that are my fault:

  1. I went back to my house after i left to turn off all our lights to save my mom some money, she’s been complaining about bills.
  2. i took a little bit longer getting ready today, because i was trying to look good for a guy i’m not having lunch with anymore. my luck, right?

and so now i’m all splotch-faced in ISS because i cry like a baby when i’m pissed. and another rant against SD2: why are there teachers in the dean’s office? did the deans die? No. where are they? A BASKETBALL GAME. you would think at least one of them is supposed to stay here. being a dean takes some commitment to actually being at that school during school, doesn’t it? the irony that i was being lectured about responsibility kills me. I suppose i got a little “break” out of it. this is my 5th “R” (i don’t even know what that means) so technically, I should be at the truancy center. Instead, i’m staring at a terribly-painted mural (no offense, just in case, i’m really upset) in the cafeteria. oh boy!! i’m so overjoyed that i’m not doing the same exact thing at the truancy center… the “dean” said, “i’m actually glad you’re upset, because it shows you’re a good kid and you don’t want this.” WHY WOULD I WANT THIS?! thanks anyway, i guess. on the bright side, i can do homework, read, listen to music, write anything i want, and shut the heck up. i choose the alternative and look at the glass with two drops in it. i’m not going to lunch, i’m not getting asked out, i’m sure the fact that i had to cancel due to ISS makes me significantly more attractive, and i seriously look like a train hit me. this is humiliating.  i do have my birthday to look forward to, though. i’ll be celebrating without my grampa, since he’s dead. i have to celebrate seperately with my mom, dad, and brother, because they’re divorced and he moved out. within the same week. i’ll probably be able to go to sushi for dinner, but it’ll be silent or small-talk, because none of us ever want to say anything. did i mention it’s on a monday? i don’t want any presents from anyone, i just want my family and my life back. It’s freezing in here. then again, i have the average body temperature of a lizard. I cannot believe the conversations i had last night. my big brother told me he loves me, i’m the perfect sister, fun to be around, don’t let others influence me, and he’s proud of who i am. did you hear that? he’s proud. that went from 0-60 in a flash. I guess he always laughs at my jokes and we get along alright, but that was really mushy for him. it’s really nice to hear from anyone. my good friend said he wanted to date me, my best friend told me he’s impressed with me for handling all the stuff i do handle, and that he’s not giving up. and now i’m here. figures.

the above post was written this morning in ISS because i REALLY needed to blow off some steam. not mocking any of the ridiculous stuff i put down is appreciated.

so that’s my day. oh, and i can’t go to the art museum with joshua after school, because my mom won’t let me. *THUMBS UP, WORLD!!*

Winter binge.

nom. so i’m a very musically inclined person, and during the winter it only gets worse because i hate being outside in the cold. i also hate sunlight and fresh air. that was a joke, for the readers who now think i’m a hermit..

anyway. i’ve been getting into a lot of mellow stuff, like *cringe* will. (i want to do this!) Andrew Bird’s album Weather Systems has been a favorite of mine since march, and I just got back into some music from my childhood, the soundtrack of the piano. apparently it’s a movie from 1993. i’ve never seen it, but my mom plays the songs all the time and i love them.  I also recently purchased Frank sinatra’s greatest hits album. NOM NOM NOM. he has the same birthday as me, fun fact. (DECEMBER 13 SEVEN DAYS ZOMG)

on a more hardcore note, i’ve gotten back into System of a down, thanks to my good friend, Jeremy Hicks.  some goodies i’ve added recently are:

  • ghosts n stuff- Deadmau5
  • feeling good- My brightest diamond
  • the green gentleman- P!atd
  • planetary (GO!)- My Chemical Romance
  • Envy is Dangerous- Raised Fist
  • That’s life- Frank Sinatra (HOMEBOOOOOOOOOOOOY)
  • We are all we have- the casualties (thanks opus)
  • Erase me- kid cudi
  • sledgehammer- Peter Gabriel
  • Rant- Bo Burnham (it’s all about the catholic church and i FREAKING LOVE IT)
  • all to all- broken social scene
  • we called it america- NOFX
  • beep- the pussycat dolls (this song makes me cry from laughing so hard)
  • don’t hold back- the sleeping
  • statues of ourselves- Semi Precious Weapons (these guys opened for gaga and they’re so ridiculous.)
  • Doo Dah Doo Doo- Tim and Eric. it’s unsettling how much this song reminds me of something my friends would do.

happy hint: THE SNOW MOVES WITH YOUR MOUSE!! i made opie bring it back for my own guilty pleasure… 😉 that’s all folks, my next post may or may not be before my birthday, but you can sure as heck look forward to pictures of everything i rake in!

love, Kelci

top 25 songs/it took six guys to get me out of there/lady thieves.

i figured i’d let you guys know what i (supposedly) listen to the most. some of these might be my mom’s doing.

  1. bright lights- matchbox twenty.
  2. boats and birds- Gregory and the Hawk
  3. Hours of Wealth- Opeth
  4. Lost- Avenged Sevenfold… (brother)
  5. Jealous guy- Casey James
  6. Candle (sick and tired)- White Tie Affair
  7. Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 1- Pink Floyd
  8. Falling Down- Atreyu♥
  9. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich- Lady Gaga (mom)
  10. Hold On- good Charlotte
  11. coffeshop soundtrack- all time low (thanks opie)
  12. He Lives In You- Lebo M (opening song of lion king 2)
  13. Fame- Lady Gaga (mom)
  14. Bad Romance- Lady Gaga
  15. Truth- Seether
  16. Colors- Crossfade
  17. Honor- Atreyu ♥
  18. The light and the glass- Coheed and cambria ♥
  19. Jamie all over- Mayday Parade (thanks again opie)
  20. Black or white- Michael Jackson
  21. Trashin’ the camp- Phil collins ft. N*SYNC (tarzan soundtrack)
  22. Teeth- Lady Gaga
  23. Icky Thump- White stripes
  24. Dirty Diana- Michael Jackson
  25. Speechless- Michael Jackson
  26. and if we didn’t have the ones from my mom and brother, we get…Mother Superior- Coheed and Cambria
  27. Downfall- Matchbox twenty

so there’s that… and now to explain the next section of my title. when i parked this morning, the bell had already rung, and i wasn’t sure if they were letting us in after the first ten minutes again, so i was desperate for a spot. i took one that just happened to be three feet deep. couldn’t get out, so what do i do? fix my hair a little and stroll into the weight room and ask who wants to help “little ol’ me” *insert pout here* get my car outta the snow. six guys followed me across the school to push it out. epic win on my part. of course it’s sick, but i got my car out, and i didn’t have to call a tow truck… so everybody’s happy.

and now for the latest segment of things you don’t normally hear in first period…

  • “why have you got grow lights in your house, swarm??” “have you seen the yearbook photo requirements?” “what has that got to do with your grow lights?” “I shouldn’t talk about that, I’m trying to change the subject.”
  • “the guys in this room didn’t do a thing about it. Of course, there aren’t any guys in this room.”
  • “Hazen, you’re a brat. Just because you’re kinda big and semi-good lookin doesn’t mean you shouldn’t nicen up. You could actually get a nice girlfriend who wouldn’t break up with you after a week cuz you’re a jerk.”
  • “so this thanksgiving was just bad. The guy carving the turkey cut his finger and it was a pretty good slice, so he was bleeding all over it. it was like drip, drip, drip, and i was the only one who saw it. well the guy had a little too much to drink and i had to take over and i didn’t know what to do  so i just didn’t say anything, so somebody got bloody turkey and it was just bad.”
  • “YOU ATE THE BLOODY TURKEY??” -me in a british accent
  • si, espanol uno es babyland.
  • say you have a guy who takes your woman, can you call him a ladrona, a lady thief? “miguel, you can call him anything you want, i’d say a lot worse than that.”
  • la ladrona siguio robando ellas, that means the lady thief kept on stealing ladies. “gracias, miguel…”

love, kelci

Cheap Entertainment.

(Wow kids, i’m sorry i’ve been inactive for a while. busy week.)

No folks, not that kind. i’m talking about the futures of high school and even younger students. again, not that kind. today in Doc W’s class, i realized that billings doesn’t have a lot to do after the hour of 8 besides drink coffee and drive around getting crunk. and drinking coffee is just fine with me, but we all know how old that gets after a certain point. unless our name was spencer, anna, or ashlynn. so that’s not a very valid point. i just named half the bloggers. anyway, what i’m trying to lay down is, billings would be a *ahem* “healthier?” place for cool kids to grow up if we had more things to do. i’m not saying we should rebuild billings, just make sure there are more options for teens on the weekends and nights than drinking, getting high, or sitting on the computer all night… (guilty of the latter).

in other news: I GOT MY DRIVER’S LICENSE! i think i’m one of the very few people who didn’t have a rough time at the DMV when i went. there were four cars in the parking lot, and no lines inside. genius. i was just going to renew my learner’s permit before i had my appointment next week, and as it happens, yesterday was the day of the six months… so i got my license! YAAAAAAAY. i drive like a maniac, people. if you ever see a silver gran marquis, stay offa the sidewalks. 🙂 just kidding. i’m a safe driver. mostly.

Back to you, Janet.

Thanks, Bob.

My uncle Rick and Aunt Dora are coming to town from denver this weekend, and in case i haven’t mentioned, he’s one of the funniest people on this earth. i remember three things he’s ever said to me that were serious. and when he’s serious, he’s serious. I’ll be able to post again soon, hopefully. please comment… i’m a very unorganized person.

Love, Kelci

“Definitely Zombies…”

hi. i’m kelci. the title literally has nothing to do with the rest of this post, but it’s one of the first things i heard on my first day as a junior, which means i would be the one posting for the junior class. some things about myself:

  • i love music more than life itself.
  • i work at a movie theater.
  • i’m an incredibly random, kind, and funny person.
  • i will never be that confident again, probably.
  • i (used to) run cross country, until i quit about two days ago, for lack of a social situation.

i guess you can get to know me more as i post. i’m not sure how often that will be yet, since i’m just getting used to the whole divorce split custody situation.  how’s about a look at my first day of junior year, eh?

First Period: chemistry. good thing my teacher is one of the coaches of the cross country team i just quit, huh? not. it’s still fun though. lots of friends. we were told two things by him right away. first, that we are essentially nothing due to the fact that matter is only waves which aren’t matter at all but space, constantly travelling. second, that we will probably hate chemistry. looking forward to that one.

Second Period: spanish 2. oh joy, i’m one of two juniors in that entire class. plus, the teacher is the reason i dropped spanish last year. we’ll see how it goes.

Third Period: Single Survival. cooking. (sidenote– many of you have probably noticed how little i use proper capitalization. it’s called voice. also, get used to it.) we’re cooking all sorts of goodies, learning to iron a shirt, and sew a button. i don’t know anyone in my class. we’ll see.

Fourth Period: algebra 2. because i’m stupid and had to retake algebra my freshman year. i’m not stupid. it was a personal choice. i love that class. it should be oodles of fun. even though i must have been on some kind of rotten substance to have taken both algebra 2 AND chemistry as electives. hahahahaha.

second lunch!!! just like the big kids!! wait… i AM A BIG KID! 😀

fifth and sixth: american literature/ us history block class. this could be both wonderful and terrible. the teacher i have this year is very similarly different from my english teacher last year. the ways it could be terribly are far outnumbered by the ways it could rock. i’m in the same room with the same 30 people for two hours. today, right as the bell rang, “Dr. Wendt” points to a girl in the middle of the room and asks if she’s exceptional. she answers, and i quote, “as an american, yes. we have lots more freedom than anyone else.” doc w then says, “freedoms, yes. what kind?” “well, there’s freedom of speech…” “shut up.” he moves on to ask the next person if they’re exceptional. they brought up freedom of religion. he counters with the fact that principals have to tiptoe around christmastime because they can get in trouble for favoring say, christmas over kwanzaa. with one question, he provoked a two hour debate over freedom of speech. this guy is incredible. it seems like he really gets people in general. also, on the first day, he took us all to guelff-mart (school concession stand) and bought us all something to drink since it was 100 degrees outside and probably 105 inside.

random tidbits i thought of while typing…

  • i get my driver’s license very very soon.
  • if any of you have music you listen to that is very non-mainstream, please leave as many song titles in a comment as you would like. i love new music.
  • my favorite food is pizza, but i’m allergic to tomatoes.

well, that’s about all for now.

Love, Kelci