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Cheap Entertainment.

(Wow kids, i’m sorry i’ve been inactive for a while. busy week.)

No folks, not that kind. i’m talking about the futures of high school and even younger students. again, not that kind. today in Doc W’s class, i realized that billings doesn’t have a lot to do after the hour of 8 besides drink coffee and drive around getting crunk. and drinking coffee is just fine with me, but we all know how old that gets after a certain point. unless our name was spencer, anna, or ashlynn. so that’s not a very valid point. i just named half the bloggers. anyway, what i’m trying to lay down is, billings would be a *ahem* “healthier?” place for cool kids to grow up if we had more things to do. i’m not saying we should rebuild billings, just make sure there are more options for teens on the weekends and nights than drinking, getting high, or sitting on the computer all night… (guilty of the latter).

in other news: I GOT MY DRIVER’S LICENSE! i think i’m one of the very few people who didn’t have a rough time at the DMV when i went. there were four cars in the parking lot, and no lines inside. genius. i was just going to renew my learner’s permit before i had my appointment next week, and as it happens, yesterday was the day of the six months… so i got my license! YAAAAAAAY. i drive like a maniac, people. if you ever see a silver gran marquis, stay offa the sidewalks. 🙂 just kidding. i’m a safe driver. mostly.

Back to you, Janet.

Thanks, Bob.

My uncle Rick and Aunt Dora are coming to town from denver this weekend, and in case i haven’t mentioned, he’s one of the funniest people on this earth. i remember three things he’s ever said to me that were serious. and when he’s serious, he’s serious. I’ll be able to post again soon, hopefully. please comment… i’m a very unorganized person.

Love, Kelci