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Christmas Wishes…And Threats

Put On Your Fatpants And Ride The Bandwagon to Wal*Mart

I almost began by saying, “Merry CHRISTMAS!” Yeah. The music has finally gotten to me; it’s repulsive.

Well, yesterday I feasted on turkey and my grandma’s impeccable gravy…(I could probably live off of it alone)…as well as homemade pumpkin pie and all the trimmings. YUM. YUM. YUM.

I feel so obnoxious during the holidays. I eat, buy, buy, wrap, unwrap, give, give, and drink cocoa. The last is more or less my most favorite. Thanksgiving was as entertaining as it usually turns out to be: laughing, politics, more politics, politics on FOX News concerning the series “The Rise, Fall, and Future of Conservatism” (which my grandma LOVED watching…me too slightly) and the whole lot. The entire thing is delightful and entertaining. 🙂


So, Shopko, we’re selling turkey roasters? Really? Do you THINK we need that after we’ve barely finished digesting said bird? NO! Bad idea to create a fortress of them which simply serves to be yet another obstacle in the store to hurdle over.

My mother and I were the sole shoppers this morning at five A.M. where we passed Best Buy, ever so fearfully (the parking lot was FULL. FULL…minus the expected fist fights…).

We went to Shopko, American Eagle, Penny’s (ties, shirts…slippers!), and Dillards (Calvin Kline shirts…SCORE).
All of said purchasing was for Christmas–I might get to have one shirt or something, but otherwise NNNNOOOO. It’s all for Christmas, which is a good thing…Hell, I passed some Calvin Kline SUITS and just about passed out with giddiness.

SPENCER DOESN’T NEED ANOTHER SUIT. I need to keep reminding me this. I have the essentials. Well, more than the essentials, which is overly-essential. My essentialness is above average then? Huh.

Well look at that, Spencer’s tired. Hello memory foam pillow. Goodbye twentyeleven!


*END TRANSMISSION!* COMMAND//:1010—-From, Spencer

“We’re in High School Musical…in Montana…” & To Get Grocery Car-Smashed


Well in case you’re wondering (which OF COURSE YOU WERE), the meet was wonderful last weekend. I took second in the Original Oratory event, which, surprisingly, is the worst I’ve done all year–which, even though I worded it strangely, is a good thing. I’ve been kicking butt and taking names. Also,Billings Senior High has also been doing such. We placed third at the meet, which evidently hasn’t happened for a decade or so. No big deal. Only a teary-eyed coach. We missed awards though, which happened to be in the fanciest school I have ever seen (even in regards to Wyoming funding): Glacier High School.

To keep it simple, I found on the contractor’s site it cost about only 30 million dollars, and the school owns 60 acres. Holy Moses. Oh, and the cafeteria inside like High School Musical. No big deal.

"Don't stick to the status quo..." Oh my God. That's just odd, yet wonderful to behold.

Can’t you see random kids dancing down the stairs? I can…Anyway, the school was above par and thus, I give the billionare who donated money kudos for making Disney proud…maybe…:)

Ah, and then here’s the entrance of the mall-looking school. It looks like they shipped it from California. Interesting. Anyway, I really feel like a stalker. Had to do it. 🙂

For whatever reason, I REALLLLLLY enjoy architecture. Okay, now I’m done. Onto more relevant matters:

And oh look, it’s the holidays.

How fun.

I really do enjoy festivities, food, and family, yet I find myself  at odds with the public whenever said holidays occur. Today, Albertson’s was basically a sphere of anarchy, and gave me insight as to how the world will look when it does indeed end. A note: there will be a lot of trashy people trying to purchase boxed wine and cranberry sauce. I’ll be looking forward to that. Lovely.

Not that A Christmas Carol has anything to do with Thanksgiving in particular, but I sort of played Scrooge in the seventh grade. Huh. Well…I don’t HATE the holidays…just some people before Thanksgiving and Christmas, or after Thanksgiving (BLACK FRIDAY…*Jaws Music*)

One more thing: stay off the roads; they’re despicable. I almost died. FIVE TIMES. Well, I’m not sure about that. People are stupid drivers at times, unfortunately. STUPID. DRIVERS.

execution1010101//: —-from, Spencer

The Senior’s Perspective: Golly, Gee Wilikers

Well, this is me, writing a sort of test run for the first time on the blogosphere (is that even a word? Well it surely is now).

I’m Spencer. Just a few things about myself:

Me :)

Me 🙂

  1. I am obsessed with politics, and all that is current events (news junkie)
  2. Coffee=LOVE. I work at City Brew. Perfecto. Ask me the coffee lingo.
  3. I am also in love with Speech & Debate. I compete in Original Oratory, and will be also in Humorous.
  4. Ahh, and…I’m planning on going to law school after I graduate. Possibly Carroll College for Bachelor’s anyway. (Major in Accounting, then go onto Law School elsewhere–since Pre-Law isn’t a major…)
  5. BPA (Business Professionals of America) Chapter President for BSHS. 😀

The overall theme of the blog community is to talk about the beautiful and the ugly of our Senior years–I believe even a sort of “before, during, and after” stages of senior year. But really, we will be talking about a Smörgåsbord of things–from technology, drama, sports, college apps, terrorism, Hillary Clinton, blah, blah, blah. Oh, and I’ll surely be informing you all of my experience in Speech & Debate, as well as the B.P.A Club…I’ll have a lot for speech. Lots to rant about–like I said, the beautiful, and the ugly :). Rather exciting–I’ve always wanted to blog, yet I really didn’t wish to do it on some “blahblah.wordpress.org” site, but rather a unique one, such as twentyeleven.org. Lovely. Ah, and now I shall tell ye about my first day of high school my Senior year…


  • FIRSTLY—Test in AP English. Woot, woot, and woot. Invisible man=easy…I think I know the if’s, an’s, and but’s of the book after the whole freaking summer reading this ghastly, yet intriguing glob of a novel.
  • SECONDLY—Study hall. UGH. Accounting 5 will take it’s place tomorrow, THANKFULLY, since I had to get paperwork done (yay for bureaucracy) towards Accounting as an individual study class…Study hall is basically the epitome of boringness.
  • THIRDLY—Photography at Senior with Mr. Harmon. Yes, I think I’m going to quite like this class…I LOVE art, yet my hand simply denies myself on any real artistic talent towards painting or drawing unless I painstakingly use all my effort. Photography, however—a much different story. This is not NEARLY as simple as drawing or painting, yet it requires an understanding of how to facilitate light, the camera itself, and many other variables…but thank god I’m not drawing—that’s all I care about.
  • FOURTH…LY—Algebra III. My teacher, Mrs. Fancher(sp?) is actually in the army or something or other…she has some sort of title having to do with Montana. So, yay for being strict and keeping order, rather than allowing jokes and other miscellaneous crapola to go on…I need to learn every freaking detail I can in any sort of mathematical class, otherwise I’m L-O-S-T. It’s not like English or Social Studies for me. Which is lovely, but I can deal.
  • FIFTH…LY—Political Science at Rocky Mountain College. FUN. FUN. FUN. This class is basically a philosophy class of sorts, yet talking about what justice actually is—we’re reading Plato’s Republic, as I’ve told many of you already…It’s an awesomely insightful book. So far, so good. However I did forget a certain small assignment today, in which I had to email my professor, and said, “Professor, I’m sorry for being dunderheaded. I’m requesting the Crito handout. I was confused apparently about what I needed to email you about, and I promise it won’t happen again.” Lovely, once again.

AFTER SCHOOL…I ran around asking past Forensics Coaches (Mrs. McCarthy) meeting times for Speech & Debate, and when we’ll be starting up again. I received our schedule for tournaments, which worked out swell.

NEXT, I was off to city brew to get a Granita…in which I RETURNED because I forgot I was having coffee with Olivia Calabrese. Oh dear. But that was fun. I do enjoy talking old novels with her…and speech in general as well.

FINALLY, I finished reading for my Political Science assignment…phew. SIGH PHEW.

Overall, my first day was made of pure bliss and unicorns.

Oh, and…

My blog will be nicknamed…

Golly, Gee Willikers.