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I Love Storms

Why?  Simple – because it gives me something to do at work.  No wait… that’s not quite what I meant to say.  What I meant to say is that it gives me something fun to do at work.

“Well why is that, Joshua/Roy?”

You forgot PANDA MARINE!  And it’s because I get to run around outside in the rain.  Or the hail, as today would have it.  I had to help get some merchandise inside the store; I got elected to roll up everyone’s windows; and, when it rains as hard as it did, nobody in charge pays attention to me.  They’re all “Ooooh, look at the storm, lots of hail, listen to it thunder on the tin roof, ohmagosh!”  And I don’t want to get fired, but Hell, I’m being candid here.  I should get a promotion for being this honest.  Anyway, and when it rains as hard as it did today, I get to go on flood duty.  Yes, that’s right – our store might flood if the water get’s high enough.  And Lordy was it friggin’ awesome to be in the rain trying to get a sump pump to catch so that it can help drain the three and a friggin’ half friggin’ feet of friggin’ water didn’t overflow from our truck bay into the back room of the store.

. . . Friggin’. . .

There was a wall of water shooting four feet out of our ceiling drain less than a foot away from my ass (like, seriously, a ~2.5 inch pipe that was completely filled with water); hail icebergs floating around everywhere; and hail wars that might as well be using shotguns with how painful it felt.  That wass the last hour of my workday, and I loved it. 

Also I saw Spencer.  HI SPENCER!