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Shreddin’ in the Basement (video)

After digging my camera out of its cardboard prison yesterday, I decided to go down into the basement and play my guitar for a little bit. I recorded a bit of the random licks I played. All of this was spontaneous– I didn’t plan anything out beforehand. Also, my guitar is probably a bit out of tune (I didn’t dig out the tuner) and I’m a bit rusty (I haven’t played for a week or so). Alas, I still think it’s OK, but not my best stuff. Enjoy anyway.

– Will

P.S. It seems like I’ve been really prolific on the blog lately. Three posts in three days… Intense. To the rest of the twentyeleven crew: catch up. 😛

Numb (Vlog)

Consider this my personal “David after Dentist”-like experience… I really don’t like it when half of my face is numb.