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Dear WiFi Router:


I know you don’t like me, but a friendly “F*** you!” would have been better then just randomly dying. Damned DSL-modem/wireless router combos…

Thanks (or rather “I hope you rot in the ninth ring of Hell, you dirty electronic P.O.S.),


Hey TwentyEleven Crew,

    I know that we’ve been MIA for a few weeks (again), but look for new content to begin coming in on a regular basis soon. The school year is coming to a close, and teachers are slowly lowering the insane workload to a semi-reasonable level (either that, or I’m just getting used to it). Videos and postcasts will be hittin’ the blog soon, so stay tuned…

    –  Will

Music Monday: Go Radio

Music Monday is a new opinion column that discusses new releases. In this edition, Will discusses Go Radio’s newest album Lucky Street, which is scheduled to be released on March 1st.

Album art for Go Radio's next album.

As a fan of Mayday Parade’s hit-album A Lesson in Romantics, it would seem only natural for me to also love Go Radio, a band created by former MP member Jason Lancaster. Go Radio’s first EP (Do Overs and Second Chances) sounded like an extension of the musical vibes found in Lancaster’s last album with Mayday Parade (in a good way). Do Overs and Second Chances seems to contain all of the right musical elements that Mayday Parade lost with their most recent album, Anywhere But Here. Whether or not Lancaster’s departure from Mayday Parade affected them so negatively that they effectively lost their mojo is debatable, but his ability to bring the same energy to Go Radio is unquestionable.

However, after listening to a few of singles from Go Radio’s next album Lucky Street (coming soon on March 1st), I feel that Lancaster is trying to lead the band away from his Mayday roots. Lancaster’s vocals seem weak, and the strong, emotion-charged choruses one would expect from this album seem non-existent; his voice still sounds good though, just not very powerful. The singles “Any Other Heart” and “The Truth Is” come off as a major disappointment in comparison to songs from Do Overs and Second Chances, and suggest that the band is moving in a different direction.

I’m hoping that the rest of Lucky Street is less of a disappointment then it’s first two singles, or else I probably won’t buy it. While I can appreciate a band’s decision to move in a different direction and embrace new styles, it seems as if Go Radio is messing with an already perfect recipe. In an attempt to establish their own trademark sounds, they may be ruining what led them to success in the first place.

What do you think Mayday Parade/Go Radio fans? Let us know your opinion in the comment box below (even if you don’t like either band).

twentyeleven podcast #001:

This is just a quick three-minute long podcast discussing TRON: Legacy, Thirteen Reasons Why, and Go Radio. Tune in to get your movie, book, and music fix of the week.


– Will

P.S. Be sure to leave us some comments, suggestions, etc. on the new “Feedback” page. We would greatly appreciate it. 🙂 Thanks.

Thirteen Reasons Why

This book is chillingly fantastic.

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher is a novel about a girl who commits suicide and leaves a set of tapes behind to explain why she took her life. The reasons why she took her life revolve around a series of hurtful actions by multiple people that eventually snowballed until she had no control over how others perceived her.

After reading the story, I felt an overwhelming sense of guilt. How many times have we said things to other people that were hurtful out of spite and never thought twice about it afterward? How many times have we done hurtful things and never apologized?

It’s really scary when you think about it. It’s almost as if you have the power to influence others emotions, actions, and self-esteem simply through a few words. You never really realize this power until something happens as a result of it, and by then it’s usually too late to repair the damage.

Another thing that fascinated me was the concept of leaving something behind to explain one’s perception on certain events after they are gone (I’ve always been fascinated with this idea– it’s partially why I own a journal). The tapes are a bit to chilling for my taste though– something about hearing a dead person’s voice after they are gone seems a bit too eerie.

It did not, however, change my perception of suicide. I’ve never seen suicide as a solution for any of life’s problems, even when I’ve been quite depressed. I can’t decide if I love life too much to even consider it or if I’m simply too stubborn to not go down swingin’.

Whatever the reason may be, I simply have never viewed suicide as an option or a solution for anything. My end-all solution for problems that seem “too difficult to handle” has always revolved around running away. I’m not quite sure why, but running away seems to have the allure of being able to start over, escape  from the problems, and have the option to go back (if you choose). However, there are a lot of complications involved with running away, and I’ve never seen it as a legitimate solution for any of my problems (besides, the past usually has a way of catching up to you).

(Editor’s note: Don’t worry, folks– I’m not planning on running away. I’m simply discussing my thoughts on it.)

Basically, Thirteen Reasons Why provided me with three things that I appreciate:

  1. A compelling story that kept me up until 2 AM (and continues to leave me going back through the book at various points).
  2. A realization of what my thoughts and actions have on others.
  3. A look at a morbid topic that isn’t discussed often, and the importance of maintaining hope in the darkest times.

It’s a fantastic book, and definitely something I would recommend.

Keep it fresh! (Whatever the hell that means….)

– Will

Kazoo Christmas

Nothing quite says “Merry Christmas” like jazzy renditions of beloved Holiday songs being played on a neon-pink kazoo.

(If you disagree with the above statement, we will beat you down with a large candy cane.)

So to appease your longing desire to hear wonderful holiday music coming from a horrendously cheap and poorly-made plastic instrument, I’ve decided to make a few videos. As we get closer to Christmas, I will post some more holiday-themed kazoo songs (feel free to request your favorites!).


Remember: Less Cowbell, More Kazoo.

– Will

Christmas Wishes…And Threats

the Saturday Shake-up (Vlog)

The following video is an example of the kind of insanity that can occur in one’s mind after four-and-a-half hours of standardized testing.  Enjoy (in HD!).

– Will


it’s only friday. i still have two more  days, but i already feel it. my friend molly got me a necklace, some nail polish and eyeliner, and a zebra wallet with a bow. i’ll post pictures after i get everything else. 🙂 today, i spent the 40 dollar check my gramma sent me early on a pretty random outfit, that i feel works for me. what i’m not okay with is my constant shifting attitude. every twenty minutes i want someone to pay attention, and then i get sick of the world and want to be very very alone. ideas?

love, kelci


I do not deserve this. the things that aren’t my fault:

  1. the three-way traffic into the school being a mile long when i got there, the same time i always do.
  2. my mom is a teacher, and therefore uses that to somehow enforce that she won’t call me in 5 minutes late to school.
  3. the parking ouside of the school is nuts. i have at least a 5-minute walk from the closest spot i could get. why won’t i buy a parking pass? I don’t know where the money is going. the wide-screen TVs that are strategically placed to block the busiest intersections, making me late, and landing me here? i think NOT. wouldn’t you wanna take care of the asbestos first? i suppose my priorities are a little more in check. and i’m not in charge. my bad.

the things that are my fault:

  1. I went back to my house after i left to turn off all our lights to save my mom some money, she’s been complaining about bills.
  2. i took a little bit longer getting ready today, because i was trying to look good for a guy i’m not having lunch with anymore. my luck, right?

and so now i’m all splotch-faced in ISS because i cry like a baby when i’m pissed. and another rant against SD2: why are there teachers in the dean’s office? did the deans die? No. where are they? A BASKETBALL GAME. you would think at least one of them is supposed to stay here. being a dean takes some commitment to actually being at that school during school, doesn’t it? the irony that i was being lectured about responsibility kills me. I suppose i got a little “break” out of it. this is my 5th “R” (i don’t even know what that means) so technically, I should be at the truancy center. Instead, i’m staring at a terribly-painted mural (no offense, just in case, i’m really upset) in the cafeteria. oh boy!! i’m so overjoyed that i’m not doing the same exact thing at the truancy center… the “dean” said, “i’m actually glad you’re upset, because it shows you’re a good kid and you don’t want this.” WHY WOULD I WANT THIS?! thanks anyway, i guess. on the bright side, i can do homework, read, listen to music, write anything i want, and shut the heck up. i choose the alternative and look at the glass with two drops in it. i’m not going to lunch, i’m not getting asked out, i’m sure the fact that i had to cancel due to ISS makes me significantly more attractive, and i seriously look like a train hit me. this is humiliating.  i do have my birthday to look forward to, though. i’ll be celebrating without my grampa, since he’s dead. i have to celebrate seperately with my mom, dad, and brother, because they’re divorced and he moved out. within the same week. i’ll probably be able to go to sushi for dinner, but it’ll be silent or small-talk, because none of us ever want to say anything. did i mention it’s on a monday? i don’t want any presents from anyone, i just want my family and my life back. It’s freezing in here. then again, i have the average body temperature of a lizard. I cannot believe the conversations i had last night. my big brother told me he loves me, i’m the perfect sister, fun to be around, don’t let others influence me, and he’s proud of who i am. did you hear that? he’s proud. that went from 0-60 in a flash. I guess he always laughs at my jokes and we get along alright, but that was really mushy for him. it’s really nice to hear from anyone. my good friend said he wanted to date me, my best friend told me he’s impressed with me for handling all the stuff i do handle, and that he’s not giving up. and now i’m here. figures.

the above post was written this morning in ISS because i REALLY needed to blow off some steam. not mocking any of the ridiculous stuff i put down is appreciated.

so that’s my day. oh, and i can’t go to the art museum with joshua after school, because my mom won’t let me. *THUMBS UP, WORLD!!*

Winter binge.

nom. so i’m a very musically inclined person, and during the winter it only gets worse because i hate being outside in the cold. i also hate sunlight and fresh air. that was a joke, for the readers who now think i’m a hermit..

anyway. i’ve been getting into a lot of mellow stuff, like *cringe* will. (i want to do this!) Andrew Bird’s album Weather Systems has been a favorite of mine since march, and I just got back into some music from my childhood, the soundtrack of the piano. apparently it’s a movie from 1993. i’ve never seen it, but my mom plays the songs all the time and i love them.  I also recently purchased Frank sinatra’s greatest hits album. NOM NOM NOM. he has the same birthday as me, fun fact. (DECEMBER 13 SEVEN DAYS ZOMG)

on a more hardcore note, i’ve gotten back into System of a down, thanks to my good friend, Jeremy Hicks.  some goodies i’ve added recently are:

  • ghosts n stuff- Deadmau5
  • feeling good- My brightest diamond
  • the green gentleman- P!atd
  • planetary (GO!)- My Chemical Romance
  • Envy is Dangerous- Raised Fist
  • That’s life- Frank Sinatra (HOMEBOOOOOOOOOOOOY)
  • We are all we have- the casualties (thanks opus)
  • Erase me- kid cudi
  • sledgehammer- Peter Gabriel
  • Rant- Bo Burnham (it’s all about the catholic church and i FREAKING LOVE IT)
  • all to all- broken social scene
  • we called it america- NOFX
  • beep- the pussycat dolls (this song makes me cry from laughing so hard)
  • don’t hold back- the sleeping
  • statues of ourselves- Semi Precious Weapons (these guys opened for gaga and they’re so ridiculous.)
  • Doo Dah Doo Doo- Tim and Eric. it’s unsettling how much this song reminds me of something my friends would do.

happy hint: THE SNOW MOVES WITH YOUR MOUSE!! i made opie bring it back for my own guilty pleasure… 😉 that’s all folks, my next post may or may not be before my birthday, but you can sure as heck look forward to pictures of everything i rake in!

love, Kelci