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Assorted Thoughts (Vlog)

I had an early shift at work today and didn’t really have a lot to do afterward. I decided to make a short vlog detailing a couple of a various things that have been annoying me lately… Enjoy. (I do suggest that you use headphones when you watch this video, as toward the end of the video my voice gets much lower… It has nothing to do with the mic, just how I was speaking [my mom was taking a nap and I didn’t want to wake her up haha]). I did a little more work with split cuts and special effects on this video… Let me know what you think.


My Day: A Vlog

If you didn’t know already, the twentyeleven project has it’s own official YouTube channel. We’ve had a channel for a few weeks now, but the first video was posted on it today, by me. This video is basically a short vide0-log (vlog) about my third day as a Senior. It’s on the long-ish side as far as YouTube videos go, and I wouldn’t exactly call it my best work, but it’s something to watch if you’re extremely bored and need to kill ten minutes.

I made the video with my phone, a Palm Pre Plus. The video quality is passable, but definitely not spectacular. My Kodak z8612IS takes better video, but it’s kind of big and not exactly pocket-friendly. (I’m probably going to use it to make an intro video for the channel in a few days, so you can compare the video-quality then.) I’m hoping to buy a Flip UltraHD video camera and Sony Vegas in a few weeks with some birthday cash, so I can improve the video quality and video editing.

What about podcasts? Well, folks, the cash-flow around OP13 studios is a bit on the slim-side at the moment, so podcasts won’t appear until I receive my next paycheck on September 10th. I still have my trusty old Snowball Mic though, so I may bust out a few podcasts on my personal blog* if I feel so inclined.

So that’s it. Remember to stay tuned and check back for fresh posts daily.

– Will


* My personal blog technically ended on August 25th, the last day of Summer vacation. However, I left a big empty space in posts where my summer vacation took place, so I will be updating that blog a bit with those older posts. I may randomly post something on there in the future, but don’t expect daily posts, or even somewhat regular posts.