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Dear WiFi Router:


I know you don’t like me, but a friendly “F*** you!” would have been better then just randomly dying. Damned DSL-modem/wireless router combos…

Thanks (or rather “I hope you rot in the ninth ring of Hell, you dirty electronic P.O.S.),


Hey TwentyEleven Crew,

    I know that we’ve been MIA for a few weeks (again), but look for new content to begin coming in on a regular basis soon. The school year is coming to a close, and teachers are slowly lowering the insane workload to a semi-reasonable level (either that, or I’m just getting used to it). Videos and postcasts will be hittin’ the blog soon, so stay tuned…

    –  Will

twentyeleven podcast #001:

This is just a quick three-minute long podcast discussing TRON: Legacy, Thirteen Reasons Why, and Go Radio. Tune in to get your movie, book, and music fix of the week.


– Will

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Thirteen Reasons Why

This book is chillingly fantastic.

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher is a novel about a girl who commits suicide and leaves a set of tapes behind to explain why she took her life. The reasons why she took her life revolve around a series of hurtful actions by multiple people that eventually snowballed until she had no control over how others perceived her.

After reading the story, I felt an overwhelming sense of guilt. How many times have we said things to other people that were hurtful out of spite and never thought twice about it afterward? How many times have we done hurtful things and never apologized?

It’s really scary when you think about it. It’s almost as if you have the power to influence others emotions, actions, and self-esteem simply through a few words. You never really realize this power until something happens as a result of it, and by then it’s usually too late to repair the damage.

Another thing that fascinated me was the concept of leaving something behind to explain one’s perception on certain events after they are gone (I’ve always been fascinated with this idea– it’s partially why I own a journal). The tapes are a bit to chilling for my taste though– something about hearing a dead person’s voice after they are gone seems a bit too eerie.

It did not, however, change my perception of suicide. I’ve never seen suicide as a solution for any of life’s problems, even when I’ve been quite depressed. I can’t decide if I love life too much to even consider it or if I’m simply too stubborn to not go down swingin’.

Whatever the reason may be, I simply have never viewed suicide as an option or a solution for anything. My end-all solution for problems that seem “too difficult to handle” has always revolved around running away. I’m not quite sure why, but running away seems to have the allure of being able to start over, escape  from the problems, and have the option to go back (if you choose). However, there are a lot of complications involved with running away, and I’ve never seen it as a legitimate solution for any of my problems (besides, the past usually has a way of catching up to you).

(Editor’s note: Don’t worry, folks– I’m not planning on running away. I’m simply discussing my thoughts on it.)

Basically, Thirteen Reasons Why provided me with three things that I appreciate:

  1. A compelling story that kept me up until 2 AM (and continues to leave me going back through the book at various points).
  2. A realization of what my thoughts and actions have on others.
  3. A look at a morbid topic that isn’t discussed often, and the importance of maintaining hope in the darkest times.

It’s a fantastic book, and definitely something I would recommend.

Keep it fresh! (Whatever the hell that means….)

– Will

Kazoo Christmas

Nothing quite says “Merry Christmas” like jazzy renditions of beloved Holiday songs being played on a neon-pink kazoo.

(If you disagree with the above statement, we will beat you down with a large candy cane.)

So to appease your longing desire to hear wonderful holiday music coming from a horrendously cheap and poorly-made plastic instrument, I’ve decided to make a few videos. As we get closer to Christmas, I will post some more holiday-themed kazoo songs (feel free to request your favorites!).


Remember: Less Cowbell, More Kazoo.

– Will

“Well, today sucked.”

Today was a horrid day. I woke up late for school, which caused me to leave late, which caused me to rush out of the house, which caused me to back up fast and trade paint my dad’s driver-side door. This led to me singing a chorus of “F*ck! F*ck, f*ck, f*ck, I am so F*CKED!” as I ran to examine the damage. Initially it appeared that I had only left a slight red scratch on his door (and scuffed the lower part of the Focus’s bumper… poor Focus), but apparently* I also managed to dent it. It was a fantastic way to start the morning, folks. Fantastic…

As if that wasn’t enough, I got into a huge debate with a couple of my friends about something really stupid (and not worth mentioning at this point), and was told by some random girl at the table (who doesn’t know me very well) that she “…feels sorry for my future wife,” after hearing bits of this debate out of context.

That pissed me off. I was half-tempted to say, “What the f***! Who the hell are you to say something like that when you don’t even know who I am! Do you even know what we’re talking about? And do you realize how horrible that is to say to someone?”, but I didn’t. The “beezy” deserved it though. She really did.

Ironically, the topic we were debating involved saying nice things to people because it boosts their self-esteem. After that class, I felt like shit. I felt like the people who I was debating the aforementioned issue with thought that I was being a heartless ass, when in reality they just didn’t understand what I was trying to say. I’ll admit that I didn’t articulate my thoughts perfectly, but some people at the table understood what I was trying to say and agreed with me. [I’m honestly considering writing a post on the issue, simply because I feel so passionately about my viewpoint and I also feel that those who disagree with me simply don’t understand what I was trying to say.]

Lunch was better, but not exactly perfect. We got back to West late and I didn’t have time to actually eat my lunch before class started. I starved through fifth period and a few hours of work before I finally managed to eat the lunch I’d purchased during lunch-hour.

Work was also an unpleasant experience. I was stuck in the back for most of my shift, climbing up and down ladders, anxiously trying to finish the restocking process. After working my ass off in the back, I got to spend an hour of overtime on the floor working on folding tables, cleaning fitting rooms, and putting back merchandise that was left at the cash registers. When we were finally allowed to leave, we all rushed to the computers in the back to clock out. The time system was down though, and we were all forced to manually record our time punches on punch correction sheets.

What a shitty day… *Sigh*

While searching for a rough estimate of how much I will have to pay to have my dad’s door fixed, I decided to type “iamsofucked.com” into my browser. To my surprise, it actually brought me to a website with some helpful suggestions. (If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself.) Finding that website was probably one of the better parts of my day…

Had a shitty day lately? Tell us your story in the comment box below.

Thanks for reading.

– Will


* I haven’t seen this “dent” yet, but I’m not going to deny the possibility that it exists either. I haven’t been able to confirm whether or not there is a visible dent because I’ve only seen the door this morning and later this evening (in poor lighting).

“When it gets cold outside, I grab my iPod.”

Snow on the trees outside mi casa

The arrival of wintry weather has allowed me to spend more time listening to music. In addition to listening to almost half of the newest Angels & Airwaves album, LOVE, I’ve been able to listen to some other “new” music that I loaded onto my iTunes library a while ago, but never actually listened to. For example, I’ve listened to most of the songs on the Jennifer’s Body Soundtrack, but there were a few songs I hadn’t listened to yet. One of these songs was “Time” by Cute is What We Aim For. “Time” has become one of my favorite songs in my iTunes library– I’ve been listening to it at least twice a day for the past week. It’s lyrics are beautiful and remind me of scenes from the past. The following chorus from the song has been running through my head all week:

“I need the product of your fears
In the form of tears,
It’s the only way I can survive,
It breaks my heart to see you cry,
And baby, it’s the only way I stay alive,
Green eyes, blue skies,
Natural disasters when she cries,
Green eyes, they’re mine,
It’s only a matter of time.
It’s only a matter of time…”

In addition to “Time”, I’ve been listening to a lot of other mellow music. Songs that have been frequenting my iTouch playlist are: As You Sleep” by Something Corporate,  “Running Away” by AM, “I Wanna Love You” by The Maine,  and “You’re So Last Summer” by Taking Back Sunday.

What have you been listening to lately? Does your taste in music change when snow starts to fall? Let me know with a comment in the box below.

– Will

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the OP13 playlist: alt.mix [v1.0]

If you don’t have these songs in your library already, add them ASAP. The following list is in no specific order, so just read through, listen, and enjoy.*

Like it? Hate it? Don’t care but feel like saying something anyway? Leave a comment in the box below.

– Will

* No, I didn't steal the idea for this post from Kelci.
(This post has been saved as a draft for over a week.)

…well, sh*t.

Lately, I’ve been kind of frustrated with the whole “dating scene”. It seems like everywhere I look, there’s a bunch of couples acting all “couple-ish” together, and it makes me feel like a lonely bastard. I think I’m a pretty nice guy– why the hell am I alone?

In the midst of pondering that question and daydreaming about random things, I read a blog post on SparkLife that discusses the “Nice Guy” syndrome.

Not to be confused with a guy who’s just nice, the “Nice Guy” harbors romantic intentions toward his female friends, hides said intentions from himself and from her, and grows increasingly frustrated as the girl in question continues to date other guys. This is fruitless, frustrating, and it never ends well; in many cases, the embittered “Nice Guy” will eventually start acting like a jerk because he’s convinced that his “niceness” is keeping him in the friend zone, when the real problem is that girls can’t read his mind.

Well, shit. That would have been useful to know a long time ago. It would have prevented me from going through months of frustration and self-loathing, and then subsequent months of mild depression. Alas, it didn’t, and I’m still the bottled-up, angst-ridden teenager I’ve always been. The rest of the post continues through a discussion on the importance of confidence (something I usually lack in “public situations” for some unknown reason) and how chicks dig guys who are confident.

I get why confidence is valued. It makes sense– nobody wants to date a nervous twitcher who has zero self-confidence. At the same time, I’m often plagued by a constant fear of rejection that makes me seem really awkward. Recently, my “I don’t really care about much of anything” attitude has began to turn that fear into a feeling of “I don’t really give a shit what other people think anymore”-attitude, which I initially perceived to be a good thing.

Other posts on the SparkLife site said things about the importance of being nice to people. Yeah, that should be a total “DUH!”, but lately I’ve been kind of a grump ass. The whole “I don’t give a shit” attitude that I was complacent with because it was making me feel as if I had more self-confidence was actually turning me into a bitter asshole. I know that I’m supposed to be nice to other people, and I generally am pretty nice (though I wonder if some people actually recognize when I’m joking about something and not just being a dick sometimes…) to everyone. I don’t say mean things to people. In fact, I don’t really say much of anything to most people. I’m just kind of quiet because I think I’ll end up saying something stupid. That, or I’m just so damned tired that I can’t think of anything worth saying.

Essentially, I’ve come to realize something that should have been obvious all along:

  1. Girls like nice people.
  2. Girls like confident people.
  3. Girls like people who talk, and actually show that they like someone rather than pray for some miracle sign from above to show their affection.

So now that I’ve “woken up” and “seen the light”, I just need to do something with the new advice. “Being enlightened” and actually doing something with said advice are two very different things…

– Will

Assorted Thoughts (Vlog)

I had an early shift at work today and didn’t really have a lot to do afterward. I decided to make a short vlog detailing a couple of a various things that have been annoying me lately… Enjoy. (I do suggest that you use headphones when you watch this video, as toward the end of the video my voice gets much lower… It has nothing to do with the mic, just how I was speaking [my mom was taking a nap and I didn’t want to wake her up haha]). I did a little more work with split cuts and special effects on this video… Let me know what you think.


Without MP, I’d be Miserable at Best

I’ve always loved the song “Jamie All Over” by Mayday Parade. While I consider myself a fan of Mayday Parade, I’ve never really explored their breakout album, A Lesson in Romantics, in its entirety. Shortly before I went to bed, I decided to randomly check my Twitter feed (a rare event). On the home page, there was a tweet that said “Mayday Parade’s “Miserable at Best” always makes me cry.” As someone who’s only experienced relatively cheery music from the band, this came as a bit of a shock and I quickly hopped onto iTunes to see what I had missed… and I had apparently missed one of the most awesome songs on the album (albeit the most depressing).

Sometimes its nice to discover “old” music after everyone else has abandoned it.

– Will