That’s Flashy, Yo.

Word up to my street thugs out thurr. I know you’re representin’ the set on a daily basis, and I would like to take a moment and thank all y’all. Respect.

Now, I’mma tell you ’bout my kick ass flash and how much fun I’ve been havin’ just messin ’round with it, yo. My favorite thing to do with this flash is to take it into a totally dark room and do some stop-action photography. All you gotta do is set the camera to delay firing for ten seconds, then time out yo’ hop right… If you do it all right, you should get somethin’ like dis:

Straight up hoverin right thurr, dawg.

DANG! Cracka missin' a head, yo!

Got Hops?

Freeze nukka!

The trick is to use a wide aperture (like f2.8) and a proper ISO (I use 400). By combining the on camera flash and my slave flash, I have enough light to turn the completely darkened room into the brightly lit room you see above. It’s pretty legit, ya know?

Keep reppin’ da set.

– Will


P.S. I ain’t hatin… This isn’t supposed to be making fun of people who actually speak like this, but rather experimenting with another style of writing. There are a few bits that are supposed to be funny, but I’m not trying to offend anyone… So don’t be hatin. 😛

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