my life. is complete.


...I touched Medusa.


and for those of you who are assuming that the man playing the guitar’s name is Medusa, i’ll kill you. He’s Claudio. he’s the singer and one of the guitar players for coheed and cambria… and if you’ve ever seen the movie 9, one of their  most well-known, by no means their best, songs is Welcome home, and it’s on the soundtrack. anyway… If i haven’t told you guys already, i went to a lady gaga concert in denver this summer, and this was at the babcock… trumped gaga by a billion. just cuz i wasn’t like a million feet away. in fact, i was in the front. hence the whole touching medusa, the epic guitar. also, coheed was more about the music, not the fans. which i enjoy. lady gaga is SO OBSESSED WITH HER FANS. she literally stopped after every song to make a 5-15 minutes speech about how great and beautiful we all are… and coheed said thanks for coming, and then rocked the hell out. sure, being actually in the pit was a slight drawback, due to the smelly, half naked, sweaty, and hairy bodies pushing me into the stage as though if they tried hard enough, i’d evaporate. but like i said, i touched medusa. and i caught a drum stick. 😀 and i went to the signing at hasting’s before, and since my good buddy jori was waiting there, he let me stand in line with him. where? oh, only THE FRONT OF COURSE! and my best friend Jason let me use a sharpie so i got my CoCa shirt signed by alla them. and even though the dude said no pictures, i totally took one. sneakily. from behind the dude’s shoulder. yep. REBEL. i’m only about half done with this post, so please, if anyone at all is interested in hearing about the rest of it, comment. i’ll tell you anythingyouwannaknow.  🙂

love, kelci

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